dimanche 8 mai 2011

Actions de soutien aux marches des fiertés

Amnesty International participe cette année à de nombreuses marches des fiertés "à risque", telles que celle à Bratislava, le 4 juin et à Budapest le 18 juin. L'organisation soutient également la marche de Moscou, qui a reçu une autorisation de la part des autorités pour la première fois cette année.

Pour soutenir ces manifestations fragiles, une pétition est ouverte. Vous pouvez en trouver le texte (hélas en anglais), ci-dessous, ainsi que la fenêtre dans laquelle vous devez signer...

Pétition "let's walk together"

With the hereby I want to express my solidarity towards lesbians, gay, bisexual and
transgender people (LGBT), who face challenges in or who are prevented from
assembling freely in the streets of their town or capital across Europe.

In countries like Russia, Ukraine and Moldova to date it has not been possible to
assemble in a Pride event in support of the rights of LGBT people. Authorities have not
sanctioned a march – or the threat of physical violence for participants has been too
serious to take the risk. In other countries, such as Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and
Serbia, Pride events have taken place, but were clouded by intimidation, threats or
actual physical violence against attendants of Pride marches.

LGBT people have a right to live a life free from discrimination, and to enjoy freedom of expression and assembly, basic rights enshrined in international and European human
rights standards. The restrictions they face in many countries violate these rights.

I urge all European governments and public authorities to uphold and to promote the
human rights of LGBT people.


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